The Face of America

How has immigration shaped America?

Immigration has shaped the United States for over four centuries with the arrival of the first European colonists. Throughout the country's history, people have migrated from all over the world to America. Thus, the political and social realities of America reflect our ever-changing demographics. Immigrants really provided a diversity of cultures for us. For example without immigrants we wouldn't have places like Chinatown and Little Italy. In  immigration in the U.S. it is about the journey and process of immigration. In our stories it will be about the stories we have about others immigrating to the U.S. it  is stories about our friends and families. In Community Resources it is where immigrants would find help to survive in the U.S. under about us is where you will find our teachers that helped us with this project and it will also show pictures of us doing this website/project. 


Community Resources

Community Resources is where immigrants can find help and guidance if they are new to the country. On this page it shows how immigrants can get help in learning English, finding jobs, mental help, getting their driver's license, and how they can find a community in their area to feel welcomed. Immigration is a hard process and many need help.

Our Stories

Our Stories is where all our classmates write their stories about their interviewee's. Each group had two students and each group had to interview someone that immigrated to the U.S. Many interviewed people from their families and some interviewed other students. This where all of the stories is going to be

About Us

We are a middle schools located in Rowland Heights.  On  the right is the location of our school! This website is ran by a group of 8th graders in this school. We started this whole project with our essential question "How has immigration throughout history shaped America."
Alvarado Intermediate School
8th Grade Mrs. Sember's Class
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